Church Camp @ Dwarskersbos

When I think of camping I get excited. The time away, seeing many stars, sitting around the fire, being outside, being with family and friends, no TV or phones – It excites me. But the flip side is also possible. Feeling cold, a flat mattress in the middle of the night, dust, rain (and I love rain), a stuffy nose in the morning, packing and unpacking. It can feel like a lot of work.

So we counted off the days with the boys before setting out to Dwarskersbos early Friday afternoon. We picked the camping spot and were ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend. The boys were in their element – there are sticks and stones and of course trees to climb and loads of running space. The joy on their faces being outside and being with their friends was wonderful to see. Sleeping was a whole other ball game. A flat mattress made for an uncomfortable night with not much sleep and low and behold God answered our prayers and sent the rain …

Even the rain, not enough warm clothes or a flat mattress could hinder our spirits. The times of watching the stars with my boy, the chats around the fire, the prayers on the beach, watching my boys play, riding bikes, swimming in the cold water, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, spending time with Kingdom people and of course don’t forget the “roosterkoek” – made it all worth wile.
Camp was lovely. Even with the dirt, rain, lack of sleep and being cold. Memories was build. Friendships was made.

Rita Koorzen