As a congregation we have adopted Eldene Primary School as our benevolent arm for our members. The school is situated off Halt Road in Elsie’s River and experiences many social and economic problems.

Our visits there marks excitement, enthusiasm and fun from both members and children.
Our planned activities in life lessons and skills have proved to be educational. The difference we experience and feedback from teachers and the principal has been remarkable not only to the school but in the community as well. Parents love to stay and watch the kids and we encourage them to do just that.

We develop the activities so the kids develop self-esteem, confidence, it stimulates their brains and they have fun. They do crafting, brain games and storytelling. Our theme this year is based on bullying and identifying when bullied.

At the end of each session we enjoy a meal together with a healthy snack and drink. For many of the kids this might be their only meal until they return to school on Monday. We trust that we are able to fill this gap and make their childhood journey easier.

Our goal and purpose through prayer:
1. God blesses this project
2. Children may know the glory of God, and
3. Feel loved and special