Diary of A Lost Young Woman

All I have ever enjoyed in my life of despair was parties, and not those teen sleepovers or movie nights, but the ‘passed out on the couch’ kind of parties. Quite the socialite I sure was.

The crowds I had been roaming around with were the kind that every parent warned their kids about. Sounds cliché but that was my reality, and I sometimes was the one that was the instigator. It was my own stupidity and ignorance which got me closer to a death sentence I never thought I would escape from.

The disappointment I’ve seen on my parent’s faces, the grievances, and sometimes even disgust, motivated me to want to change for them, and most importantly for my Father in Heaven.

I had a dream, and not the ‘Martin Luther King dream’, but rather a dream about a Lion. After I had done some research, I found that the Lion represents God, the ‘Lion of Judah’. How phenomenal, yet I was petrified because God was calling me to make the best decision of my life.

I reached out to one of the strongest disciple sisters I know and highly respect, and she gladly went out of her way to ensure that I received all that I needed, not to be an instant disciple, but rather a life-long Christian (can I hear an amen for that).

On the 12th of January 2017 my baptism took place.



I was afraid to give up my sinful nature because I’d seen many falling back into the world again. My parents were disciples back in the 90’s and that definitely planted a seed in me. Due to the reality of my parents getting divorced, my life has been indescribably broken. I never knew how far I’d been living from God until I actually had to count the cost during the Bible studies. Each and every sacrifice you have to make whilst carrying your cross daily is worth more than life itself. (Hebrews 9v26-28).

I hope we can all crave and love God unconditionally. He is my healer, an architect, a designer, an engineer, a lawyer, a Judge, a Father, a counsellor, a therapist, a surgeon, the Creator of our Savior and every fantastic title we can humanly think of.

I am so grateful and privileged to be a member of a vibrant, humble, loving, and respectable family, the Cape Town Church of Christ.

Now I can finally change my title from ‘Diary of A Lost Young Woman’ to ‘Diary of A Girl Who Has Been Saved’.

Kind regards,
Kim  Mentor