Spiritual Bootcamp 2018

A boot camp is a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training. That is without a doubt what we experienced during our Spiritual Boot Camp over the last three months – lots of in-depth, focused teaching in a short period of time.


Dave and Robin Weidner kicked off with great teachings on the subjects of Grace, Purity and being Secure in God; the waves of their wisdom and instruction is still challenging our hearts. The Weidners also put together “Pure the Journey” – a booklet that takes the reader on a 40-day purity journey connecting with God, retraining your desires, cleansing yourself from an unrenewed world and helping you wire your brain for purity so you can be freer to pursue God. Purchase your printed copy from our book table on Sundays.

Next in line was Michael Burns, with his superb knowledge and personal experience in overcoming cross-cultural challenges in the Kingdom of God. His 4-hour workshop was very insightful and practical, please be sure to watch the classes if you missed it!


Michael also taught a two-part class on understanding ‘God’s Promised Family’ – unpacking God’s plan for each of us in the bigger picture of His Kingdom. Michael then did another two very practical sessions on ‘How to get the most from your Bible’, leaving us eager to dig deeper into God’s Word with the purpose of discovering the depts of our unfathomable God.


In September Douglas Jacoby visited our city and also taught two classes. With his in-depth knowledge and experience as a teacher, he paints an outstanding picture as to the life and context of Jesus as a First Century Jew.

Lastly, as we were heading down the home stretch of our Spiritual Boot Camp, Randy & Beverly Janka presented a 4-hour workshop on holistic Christian living and what an integrated healthy body, mind and spirit looks like. The Sunday class was on our journey as Christians, working through crushed dreams, titled ‘Road to Emmaus’.

This was definitely a training course – working our spiritual muscles – we’ll remember for a while still. Please take the time to watch or listen to these classes, they are all available on our website.