SURGE teen venue launched!

“Surge is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement. Especially by a crowd or natural force such as a tide”


Church may not be the coolest spot to hang out, maybe it never will be. We have limited it to be the building in which we are forced to spend the 2 hours we planned on sleeping off the late night series or chats with friends. It may be the place with people ‘faithing it till they make it’, to only God knows where. It may be the boring place where that mighty Guy who lives in the sky comes down every Sunday to make sure that seats are filled and bibles dusted off. It may be, just a rundown building where the temperature is never right or the place that creates the perfect platform to ‘introduce’ that cute little outfit or latest gadget that has become a sixth digit on your hand.


But let’s redefine church. Let’s imagine that church was just a group of people worshipping in truth. Then we would have to redefine worship and not limit it to the singing and the resounding ‘Amen’ from the congregation, but to a way of life. A life that is pleasing to God from Monday to Sunday, with the occasional adrenaline shot on Sunday.



“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, Matthew 28: 19. By the looks of things and the vast differences that exist between the generation of the IBM Simon Personal Communicator and that of the iPad, iPhone and many forms of iNess generation, it may seem that the youth of today is a nation of its own. How do we reach out to these treasured sons and daughters of the most high? How do we instill biblical values in them as in Proverbs 22:6, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” How do we rise up to their level and meet them where many have not even met themselves yet? It may be as simple as to love them sans judgement, to walk with them and encourage until they find the courage to walk the path on their own as we lovingly cheer them on.

John 10:10b, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” To our youth this may interpret as, “He came to ruin our lives so that we may go to church and forever be bored!” But newsflash! Life with God is fun, and most fulfilling. Surge Youth Centre is a vibrant place with warm and friendly folk who are fired up for God and prayerfully igniting the light in our youth so that they too may pay it forward.  Surge, a sudden, upward and forward movement of faith. Not by any natural force, but by the Spirit of God that will lead the Surge crowd to make waves in the city and the world at large, as the gospel is taught and spread, as the Kingdom of God comes crashing in wave after wave.

When the young rise up and take a stand

As they walk to the Promised Land

Their parents, complaining, oh the treasures they lost

Unaware of what it had really cost

A God who is ever present, in their midst

But being ungrateful, the one thing they missed

So the young dust off the grumbling and rise

Because age does not determine the wise

With a change of mind and renewed attitude

Only mountains can be moved with faith of that magnitude

“Surge is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement

Especially by a crowd or natural force such as a tide”

The movement that mimics that of the red sea

Are you not aware that you are now free?

Peer pressure may be holding you down

But get back up and adjust your crown

Claim the victory , freedom and peace

Do you not wish to live a life at ease?

Albeit the peace there may be trouble

But you will cease to live amongst the rubble

Oh treasured and beloved Sons and daughters, choose the path

Because you cannot avoid His wrath

Through His kindness He has given us grace

So choose to start and finish the race

Be part of the crowd winning souls

Likers and followers are but worldly goals

Allow the powerful surge tide to sweep you in

As you go under, may your true life begin.

One that is pleasing to Him, One where you glorify from within

May you come to know God and your true identity

May the path you choose lead to a life with Him for eternity.